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Aqua-Pure® Arsenic Reduction System

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Model No: ASB2001

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The Aqua-Pure® ASB Series Arsenic Reduction System treats water as it enters your home. The special media included reduces Arsenic III and V levels below the current EPA 2006 guidelines. This media is land-fill safe, meaning leaching of sequestered arsenic will not release from the media and return into ground water.

Additional Information

Inlet Outlet Size 1"/2.54 cm
Reduction Claims Arsenic III & V
Dimensions Minimum Space Required:63" x 12"160 cm x 30.5 cm
Temperature Range 40 - 100°F (4.4 - 37.8°C)
Pressure Range 25 - 125 psi (172 - 862 kPa)
Flow Rate 10 gpm/37.9 lpm
Installation Manual ASBSeriesManual.pdf
Specification Sheet ASBSeriesSpecSheet.pdf

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