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Aqua-Pure® Water Softener Systems

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Model No: CWS150MECJ

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The Aqua-Pure® Water Softener is appropriate for a smaller home, up to 2 baths.It treats water as it enters your home, minimizing the effects of hard water. Benefits include brighter clothing, cleaner dishes, less detergent consumption and less water usage. Helps protect the entire plumbing system. The system includes a state-of-the-art valve that allows monitoring and control of every function and cycle. This system also saves water by metering use and regenerating only when necessary. The multi-level salt shelf traps dirt (sediment) and debris away from the brine draw area, enabling the use of inexpensive types of water treatment salt reducing maintenance. Includes water bypass valve and a chrome jacket.

Additional Information

Inlet Outlet Size 1"/2.54 cm
Reduction Claims Water Hardness
Dimensions Minimum Space Required:35" x 53" x 15"89 cm x 135 cm x 38 cm
Temperature Range 110° F/43.3° C
Pressure Range 100 psi/690 kPa
Flow Rate 13.5 gpm/51.1 lpm
Installation Manual CWSSeriesManual.pdf
Specification Sheet CWSSeriesSpecSheet.pdf

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