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UV Pure Ultraviolet Light System

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Model No: H15xsi 4-20mA

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The UV Pure Hallett series of Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems come with the industry exclusive Crossfire Technology. These systems also come with a patented 316 stainless steel self-cleaning mechanism and on-board automatic purge valve virtually eliminates quartz fouling, manual cleaning and quartz tube removal. Its small footprint and compact size make installation applications endless and the upfront drop-down access panel makes bulb change-out a breeze. Certified to California AB 1953 by NSF.

Additional Information

Inlet Outlet Size 1"/2.54 cm
Reduction Claims Bacteria, Virus
Dimensions 35.8" 7.5" x 9.3"90.8 cm x 19 cm x 236. cm
Temperature Range 104° F/40° C
Pressure Range 100 psi/690 kPa
Flow Rate 15 gpm/56.78 lpm
Replacement Interval Bulbs are rated for 9,000 hours or one year continuous use.

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